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Producer Schedule

Sunday Morning

  • Make copies of Service Script from Planning Center (12 – 15 copies)
  • Go over with ushers
  • Discuss special instructions with lighting, computer, and sound techs.
  • Make sure stage is clear of all non-staged items
  • Verify that all speakers have mics with fresh batteries.

Run-through (8:30am) 

  • Distribute Service Script
  • Talk through Service Script
  • Direct a run through of service from start to finish
  • Adjust audio/lighting issues as needed.
  • Make sure all videos play correctly
  • Make sure pre-service music is playing
  • Set pre-service lighting
  • Gather team for prayer in the green room

During Services

  • Make sure pre-service music is off
  • Watch for smooth transitions
  • Monitor sound and lighting
  • Confirm services are being recorded
  • Watch for issues

Between Services

  • Discuss any issues from 1st service
  • Reset lighting
  • Pre-service Music

After Second Service

  • Make sure sermon recording is cut and in dropbox
  • Gather all mics and loose equipment
  • All sound equipment turned off
  • All screens/projectors turned off


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