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GraceLink Newsletter March Edition 2019

One Thing…

If you could only communicate ONE THING, what would that be? Your audience is people who want to follow Jesus…those who are desperately seeking Him because life is hard. People who really want to be a part of something that outlives themselves and at the same time gives them a life worth living now. What would you say?

The ONE THING I want to say is: DON’T GIVE UP.

We are in the middle stages of Breaking Through, a 40 day adventure of prayer. Halfway points are hard in any journey, project, or endeavor. The excitement of beginning has died down, and the end cannot be seen. It’s at the halfway point when things get difficult.  

I received an email this week from a person who had a great question and also was feeling discouraged. They wanted to know: Can the Devil hear and thwart our prayers. If you haven’t been experiencing any resistance in your life and in your prayers, chances are there isn’t much threat to the enemy about what you are praying. We know from Scripture that we have an enemy who wants to kill, steal, and destroy us or any hope we may have in God (John 10:10). The last thing he wants is to see us pray and trust God. So, is it any wonder that since you’ve been praying and asking God for a breakthrough, life has gotten tough. I’m hearing more and more people who are in the midst of tough times, since we started Breaking Through! It’s like all Hell is breaking loose. 

Here is in part how I answered the question: Can the Devil hear and thwart our prayers? 

I know that sometimes it feels like no matter what we pray the enemy must have some influence in the process or is always one step ahead. The Bible doesn’t address the question directly about Satan hearing our prayers. We do know that Satan is not omniscient (He doesn’t know everything or every thought like God), and there is no support in the Bible for this. Many times we will assume that because Satan dwells in the spirit realm, he possesses the same characteristics that God does. He does not.

He does have all of history and experience of seeing how followers of Jesus respond or act. He seems to be very adept at predicting behavior because he has observed it throughout all time. He probably can anticipate what you might do in any given situation without actually knowing your prayers or thoughts.

Satan will not sit idly by when followers of Jesus grow in their faith and in their relationship with Jesus. He will use any tactics to kill our hope, steal our joy, or destroy our motivation for following Jesus.  

Satan knows that halfway points are tough so it isn’t a surprise he would use it to get us to give up. If you want to see this in the Bible, read the book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament.

Remembergreater is he that is in you than he that is in the world – 1 John 4:4 
Don’t Give up: meeting in your small group, coming each Sunday, and definitely, don’t give up praying! The hard part is waiting. You are not alone. God is working in ways we cannot see. Paul gave this encouragement to the church in Galatia: Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

So, ONE THING, to hear, remember, and trust! I hope to see you this Sunday,

Pastor Marty

Remember to set your clocks one hour ahead for Sunday, March 10th. 

During the month of March, Grace will be collecting groceries for Churches in Mission and Active Grace. You can now pick up lists at the Info Center. Please bring your filled bag to Grace Church by March 31st and make sure the items are unexpired and shelf-stable.

Booths are now available for our Annual Indoor Garage Sale on Saturday, April 13th from 9am-2pm. Clear out the clutter, get some spending money, and help the Grace Kidz raise money for camp and other activities! Booths are $30 each, and you can sign up here.

Did you know that food pantries typically have the lowest on-hand supplies and the lowest rate of donations early in the year? This is an invitation to our Grace Kidz to practice being the hands and feet of Jesus by bringing in a jar of peanut butter or a tab-top can of pasta as part of the Sack the Stage effort in March. Please place items in the containers located in the Preschool and Elementary rooms.

Pot of Gold Party – All children in K – 4th grade are invited to a Pot of Gold Party on Saturday, March 16th from 12pm – 2pm. Join us for pizza, games, crafts and a scavenger hunt. Please register for this free event by clicking here.

High Schoolers & Parents: Greenwood Christian Academy is hosting the National Christian College Fair on March 5th. There will be Christian colleges from all over the country here to meet with students. There will also be a helpful financial aid presentation that will go over how to get financial aid for college. This event is free and open to the public.  For more info or to register, email INFO@GCAK12.ORG.

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