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What to Expect at Grace

What To Expect at Our Weekend Gatherings

IMG_6768Visiting a new church should never be stressful – but we know that it can be intimidating. After all, there are all sorts of questions: What should I wear? Where do I park? Where do my kids go?

We understand that you have tons of questions that can come with visiting a new church – so we want to help you know what to expect right from the beginning!

What Can I Expect For Sunday Services?

IMG_6679You are welcome no matter where you are in your life or faith journey.  We have two identical services: 9:30am and 11:00am that last around an hour. We’ll have coffee available, if you want some, as well as a fully stocked cafe on our campus to grab something to eat. Don’t worry if you haven’t finished the cup before the service starts, bring it on into the auditorium, just put a lid on it!!!

IMG_6792There will be music that will inspire, challenge, and help you encounter God. At times we use music and media from current culture that presents God’s truth in relevant and creative ways. There will be a talk focused on the Bible with real life application. Our pastors use a wide variety of teaching techniques that may include: video, hands on illustrations, and story. The point is to communicate God’s timeless message in understandable ways.

What Do You Have For My Children?

We love children at Grace. All of our kids’ environments are safe and secure, and our volunteers are trained and background-checked. Children from birth to 24 months receive care and God’s love in a clean, joyful environment. For children age 2 years to 6th grade, we have kid-friendly, age-appropriate environments where children learn about and connect with God while having fun. We ask that parents take advantage of these opportunities in order to maximize both the children’s and adult’s experiences. First time guests at Grace are encouraged to come 15 minutes before the start of the service so our hospitality team can assist you in getting your children settled in the appropriate rooms. Students in grades 7 and up attend the Sunday morning main gathering in the auditorium and have age-specific programming on Sunday nights.

Do You Have A Dress Code?

Sure...I guess you could say we have one. We'd prefer you wear clothes. If that is sufficient for a "dress code", then consider it a "code". Seriously, though - we want you to be absolutely comfortable. Be focused on the service and what you may get from it and learn…not on what you’ll wear. After all, we can promise you we won’t judge you on what you wear. We have people who wear shorts and flip flops. Some come in jeans and t-shirts. Others still prefer to wear their “Sunday best”. You’ll fit in no matter what you wear. (Ok...if you come in wearing tinfoil on your head - or a suit made 100% out of neon duck tape...we may look twice.)

Am I going to be pointed out during service?

Not at all! We won't do ANYTHING in the service to call attention to the fact that you are new, are a visitor, etc. Now...if you have a tin-foil hat...the attention is on you - and CLEARLY not our fault.

In all seriousness though - we'd LOVE to meet you before or after the gathering, so don't be afraid to say hello!

Discover more about Grace...

What are "Gatherings"? aren't in some cult here.  You may call them "services", "worship services", "worship", "Sunday School", "Sunday Celebrations"...we simply call them "Gatherings" - because it is simply a "gathering" of people together for one common goal - to corporately celebrate and worship (give thanks to) God. Each service at 9:30 and 11 is identical - so you aren't missing something if you chose one over the other.    Our gatherings meet in the Auditorium located nearest the main entrance you will see when pulling into the parking lot.  (Look for the covered awning).  Worried you will get confused?  Don’t worry – we have some of the friendliest greeters who are there to help you find out where to go.

Where does my child go?

We have a great group of people dedicated to making sure your child has a positive, safe, and Biblical-based learning environment while you visit. Look for the signs to point you to our children’s area and one of our friendly volunteers will be happy to help get your child comfortably taken care of. We have secure checkin-system - so you can be sure that your child will leave with you once the service is over...and not someone else!

I don't see a steeple. In fact..the building looks like a warehouse. Are you SURE its a church?

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 6.59.44 PM
Yep. We are confident its a church. In fact, we do more outside of the walls of the church on a weekly basis, than we do inside the walls. We built the building for the community - and it gets used by the community. Come in some time and take a look!

Umm...the building is orange. Why?

Yep. We know. Believe it or not we actually CHOSE the color...and for a pretty unique reason. Feel free to read about it here.

taste of grace

If you are new to Grace Church we’d love for you to stop by the Gym to say “Hi” for Taste of Grace. Pastor Marty and a few of the Grace staff will be holding an informal reception with light refreshments after both Gatherings. No RSVP needed, just pop in, say hi and enjoy a snack.

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