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Why Orange?


orange_PILLARSYou may have seen the color orange used at Grace in the past…the color exists in our logo and in other elements. Have you ever wondered why?
The color itself is symbolic of endurance and strength. It is the color of fire and flame. It represents the red of passion tempered by the yellow of wisdom.
At Grace Church we see ORANGE as way more than a simple color. To us – ORANGE is part of our mission as we EQUIP to ENGAGE our culture. How so? Remember the colors that make up ORANGE? The red in ORANGE represents the heart of a disciple and a heart for family while the yellow part represents the Church as the light of Christ. Combining these two awesome colors creates a color that is even more vibrant and powerful than utilizing only one on its own.
     GRACE ORANGE becomes the balance of symbolism of the “Great Commission” where Jesus taught us to “go” and “make disciples”. It further reminds us of the importance of these values within our home and church community.
Be a part of a vibrant movement! Be orange!

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