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In The News: Compassion Experience at Grace Church a Success


Grace Church was recently in the Mooresville-Decatur Times in an article about our recent Compassion Experience.  We want to thank the many volunteers who made this event happen as well as the countless members and community friends who went through the exhibit.

We welcome you to read the article below and celebrate with us in what God is doing through Grace Church!







Imagine walking into the slums of a third world country, into a prison cell where adolescents  may die fighting for what little food they have  placed before them.  Imagine having a young girl walk you thru the streets of her impoverished town – and yet never leave your own city.

It’s called the Compassion Experience and, thanks to Grace Church in Camby, IN in partnership with Compassion International, over 1,800 people got to make the “journey” to another world without ever leaving their own.

During the Experience, spectators go on a audio-narrated tour thru a semi truck transformed into slums, shacks, prison cells, school rooms, and more – telling story after story of despair and hope.

Jan Ranger, the event’s coordinator from Grace Church, said the event gave even the youngest of spectators a glimpse into conditions that affect millions of children daily.  “These are real kids just like them,” Ranger said.  “Growing up in America does not reflect what life is like for many.  (Our) attendees walked away more grateful and more aware of how to help others in a real and meaningful way.”

…and help, they did.  Part of the goal of the Compassion Experience is to help to gain sponsorships for children in impoverished nations.  Through these sponsorships, the sponsors get to interact with their child and share stories and get updates on their progress.  The children are cared for through “Compassion Centers” in their local regions.

“Throughout the four day Experience, 68 children were sponsored at Grace Church,” said Jason Whitehorn, one of the pastors.  Marty Longcor, the lead pastor of Grace Church said those numbers could increase in the coming days as members of the church have an opportunity to sponsor online in the coming week and also have an opportunity to sponsor a child during an upcoming service.  He says it shows the heart of the Camby and Mooresville community as well.  “It speaks volumes to the compassion that people have for children in desperate situations not just in our local region but around the world.”



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