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APPLY: Grace Worship Team

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How long have you attended Grace Church?

Why do you want to serve in the Redemptive Arts ministry at Grace?

What other areas of service or leadership are you currently involved in at Grace?

The Redemptive Arts Department maintains a team website where team members are expected to log in and check schedules, download music charts, and prepare for rehearsals on their own. Do you have regular access to a computer, the internet and a printer?

Please mark the area(s) you are interested in auditioning for:
VocalistsInstrumentalistWorship LeaderOther

VOCALISTS ONLY: List range (Soprano, alto, tenor, bass or unknown) or any training or experience you’ve had.

INSTRUMENTALISTS ONLY: List all applicable instruments, skill level and years played.

Please check all that apply below:
I can read sheet musicI can read chord chartsI can read Nashville Number ChartsI can't read music at all

What is your background as a Christian, musician, and/or worship leader?

If you were on a worship team previously, how did you grow through the experience, and what fresh quality will you bring to this team?

Why do you want to be on a worship team?

What are one or two unique qualities or gifts you will bring to the team?

If you are chosen for a team, in which area would you most like to grow or develop?

What will you do if you are not chosen?

What do you see as your primary strengths (as a musician/artist/performer)?

What do you see as your primary weaknesses (as a musician/artist/performer)?

Scenario: Your worship team leader chooses you to perform a solo part, and you feel that the choice is based more on your close friendship with the leader than your abilities. Even more difficult, you know that another deserving member of the team is frustrated by the lack of opportunities. What would you do?

If you were stranded on a desert island, what one CD would you want to have with you?

If you could be any vegetable, what would it be? Why?

Finally....write me a haiku about a snail. (Yep...I'm serious)

I have read and clearly understand the Worship Team Guidelines and Application and I am ready to begin the interview process.


We are EXCITED that you are here and willing to take the plunge to be a part of our worship team.  We take our team seriously - but we love to have fun as well.  You will see that in the form to the left.  Please fill it out completely and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible!


If you get stuck - don't worry.  Reach out to Jason Whitehorn, our Pastor of Redemptive Arts.  He'd love to help you out with any questions you may have along the way.  His email address is

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