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Communications Request

The objective of the Communications Department is to aid each department within Grace Church so that the events and programs we have can be done to the best of their potential.

The intent of this form is to provide a tool to request that your event or information be communicated.  Our team will assist you with the manner in which that can be best be facilitated.  Request of these items is not a guarantee of fulfillment of the requested actions.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests need to be in place at least 3 weeks before your event becomes active.  (“Active” includes any advance registration time as well).  

Type Of Request (required)
Web UpdateProgram (This is what we call our bulletins) MentionAnnouncementFacebook/Twitter postGraphics Request (ie: digital signage, postcard, flyer, etc)Lobby Signage (only if table is requested and approved / cost approximately $40)Outdoor Banner requestLiterature placed at Info CenterLiterature placed at Groups KioskLiterature placed at Kids Check-InLiterature placed at Family KioskLiterature placed at Missions CentralRockRMS Event RegistrationRockRMS Check-inOther Communication (please describe below)

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