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GraceLink | October Edition 2018

Here are three things I hope you will consider this month: 1) re·fresh: in appearance, color, etc. Thirteen years ago the current facility called Grace Church was built. The building has been used for […]


GraceLink | August Edition 2018

You Asked For It! This past weekend we concluded the You Asked for It series. Thanks to all who submitted questions. We tried really hard to provide answers in appropriate […]


GraceLink | July Edition 2018

Do you ever feel like life is crazy and literally sucks your life away? Do you feel like you can’t think straight because so many voices compete in your head? Listen to […]


GraceLink | June Edition 2018

Things are HEATING UP! Wow, did we even have spring? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining one bit! Not only have the temps gone up, things around Grace Church […]

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